The on-boarding process

There are a few steps to take before you can start selling. Please gather the information below to speed up the on-boarding process.

Game Marketplace offers a captured audience on the website. You can offer products that extend the Game catalogue to accompany products we sell or compete if you choose. We have detailed how the on-boarding process works.

There are 5 steps to becoming a Marketplace seller.

  • Name for your store

    Please choose your name wisely as once products and offers are loaded it becomes very difficult to amend the name.

  • VAT Number

    A VAT registered company must provide a VAT number, if you are not VAT registered you can just email us confirming that you are not eligible to pay VAT.

  • A short shop description

    We require a short description of your store. This a brief statement about the store and what it offers. This will appear on your shop page. The shop description is limited to 2500 characters.

  • Returns Policy

    We also require your returns policy which is limited to 5000 characters.

  • Shipping

    Do you intend to offer free or charged shipping? Tracked? Next Day?

  • Company Registration Number

    If applicable.

  • Estimated annual turnover:

    Please estimate your annual turnover across all your revenue channels.

  • Customer Service Email

    If applicable.

  • Customer Service Phone

    If applicable.

  • Returns Address

    Please add as we may need if an item gets returned to us rather than yourself.