Information about GAME Marketplace





  1. It is completely risk free: There are no fees for listing, set-up, or subscriptions! Sellers can ship their products with confidence as all customers go through a fraud check process when purchasing. Setting up is simple as most products match up to GAME’s own catalogue, and even easier if you use a supported 3rd party aggregator.
  2. Website integration: Sellers are completely integrated onto and become a seamless part of GAME’s online offering.
  3. A huge Audience: has over 1.7 million unique visitors (from gamer’s to gifter’s) each week with over 10 million individual page views.
  4. Free promotional marketing: We offer the opportunity to be included on our website, external marketing and social media channels too.
  5. Quick set-up: On-boarding is quick and simple – register interest, answer a few questions and we’ll organise a call to guide you through the rest! We have seen sellers set up and selling on the same day!
  6. Support from real people: Most importantly we have a dedicated team of real people here to support you at all times! We pride ourselves on a personal approach to supporting our GAME Marketplace sellers.


Custom Controllers are now the EU’s leading manufacturer for customised gaming controllers. But it wasn’t always this way, based in Leeds the company began by releasing a small range of products in 2007. Ben Lawton, the owner of the company, reported that when they joined GAME Marketplace in January 2016 their orders increased by 40%. They were aided by free promotions around key events such as Black Friday and orders kept flooding in. Their success on marketplace was so great that it caught the attention of GAME’s retail department, as a result Custom Controllers now proudly sell in GAME stores as well as online.